Saturday, February 24, 2018

The Early Head Start program involves parents

and the community in four key component areas:




Mental Health

Family Engagement


EHS is a program for children, their parents, and pregnant mothers. This program was designed to promote interaction between parents and their children through socializations and parent/child educational activities in the home. Our home based option offers a weekly home visit and socializations twice per month.

We use the curriculum Parents as Teachers for our home based option. This curriculum is designed for all families aimed at helping parents give their children a solid foundation for school success and at forming a closer working relationship between home and school. It is based on the philosophy that parents are children's first and most influential teachers.

FIT Days are offered twice monthly, which includes child/parent activities, training, and/or learning experiences for the parents as well as the children. Also, weekly (hour and a half) home visits will be scheduled.

Our trained staff can help refer you to the appropriate agencies for you to get your Adult Basic Literacy Skills, GED or other training.


Go to our Parent Corner for more information on how to enroll in either Head Start or Early Head Start.